• An App a Week - 2 - SmartHIIT

    It’s another “an app a week” challenge completed! This time, I took another problem of mine and turned it into an app: Take a look at SmartHIIT. Hopefully it’ll make you sweat like a single girl at her friend’s wedding!

  • An App a Week - 1 - Smart Lists

    Creating an Android app in a week sounds like a nice challenge. Lets try that! The first app I managed to squeeze out in a week is Smart Lists. The challenge itself is pretty ad-hoc, but I try to adhere to some ground rules: always create an app from scratch in a week, and always write a post-mortem about it explaining why I chose the subject, what it does, how it does it and what are the future features it might have. I’ll also try to cover the challenges I faced during the week while creating the app.

  • Install Google apps on VS emulator

    Microsoft recently launched a stand-alone version of their Android emulator. I instantly fell in love with it since it’s performing really well, installs apps in no time and all in all is really easy to use. However, getting Google apps such as the Play store to work provided a little challenge. Let’s take a quick look on how to install the Google apps on your emulator!

  • I'm sick (And it's awesome)

    I’m sick. I mean physically. My nose is running like a faucet, my throat is sore, I feel a bit woozy, but I’m still working on this fine Monday morning. Why? Because while being sick sucks, it’s also pretty awesome.

  • Game Scripting with Lua Part 2 - Scripts Ho!

    The last time we looked at how to enabled Lua scripting in your C++ code. This time, we take a step forward and actually write something with Lua!

  • Game Scripting with Lua Part 1 - Basic Set-up

    Last winter, I spent all my time developing a game engine in C++. One of the features I spent the most time implementing was Lua scripting support. In this post, I will walk you through the setup and obstacles of setting the scripting stuff up.